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Listen to highlights from a variety of first-rate speakers from past sessions of the National Jewish Retreat. The National Jewish retreat is the premier Jewish event of the year, bringing 1200 Jews of all backgrounds ...more

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January 23, 2023 00:47:44
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The Holy Temple Within - Mrs. Leah Rosenfeld

Each of us embodies a minature version of the Holy Temple which once stood in Jerusalem. Learn how to navigate your soul, its purpose and your impact on the world. This lecture was recorded at the 15th annual National Jewish Retreat. Visit Jretreat.com to learn more and sign up to upcoming Retreats. ...



January 16, 2023 00:46:39
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Entering Into the Mind of G-d - Rabbi Laibl Wolf

Project G-d’s mind onto the screen of time and space, and voila, you get our physical world. Join us as we unfold the matrix of creation, and realize our role as G-d’s partner in an unfinished creation. We’ll look at human psychology and the way the universe is contained within our person and life. ...



January 09, 2023 00:42:54
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What G-d Does to Your Brain- Dr. Andrew Newberg

Neuroscientist Andrew Newberg draws on his years of research as he explores the measurable effect belief in G-d has on your brain, your health, and your mental wellbeing. ...



December 26, 2022 00:57:15
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A Chassidic Response to Unfathomable Tragedy - Rabbi Shalom Lipskar

When the Surfside Condominiums collapsed on June 24, 2021, Rabbi Sholom Lipsker was just up the block. Hear the story of his personal involvement in an unfathomable communal tragedy, and the community's responce in the aftermath. ...



December 19, 2022 00:59:47
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How To Win Friends and Influence People: The Jewish Way - Mrs. Rochel Holzkenner

Explore the Jewish guide to social skills and interpersonal relationship. Learn core insights gleaned from Tanya’s 32nd Chapter, you’ll wish you’d known sooner. ...



December 14, 2022 00:57:43
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Seizing Life's Moments - Rabbi Moshe Bryski

Every human being is both who they are and who their G-dly potential says they can become. Life hands us myriads of opportunities to put these two dimensions into sync. The key to a meaningful and impactful life lies in seizing these moments. ...