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Listen to highlights from a variety of first-rate speakers from past sessions of the National Jewish Retreat. The National Jewish retreat is the premier Jewish event of the year, bringing...more

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December 04, 2023

From Altar Boy to Chabad Rabbi - Rabbi Matisyahu Devlin

Hear the story of how a teenager with a catholic upbringing’s chance encounter with a yeshiva student in a Manhattan Starbucks set him on...



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November 29, 2023

If Maimonides Were Alive Today: The Rambam on Contemporary Jewish Medical Ethics - Rabbi Dr. Edward Reichman

What would Maimonides say about some of today’s most complex medical dilemmas? Analyzing Maimonides’ timeless writings we explore what his approach might be to...



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November 27, 2023

Book Launch: People of the Word - Rabbi Zalman Abraham & Rabbi Mendel Kalmenson

Authors Rabbi Mendel Kalmenson and Rabbi Zalman Abraham explore fifty long-misunderstood Hebrew words and their surprising impact on Jewish values and culture. This session...



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November 20, 2023

The Connections Paradigm - Dr. David Rosmarin

Three connections, body and soul, us and others, and us and G-d, form the basis of a received Jewish model for addressing stress, anxiety,...



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November 13, 2023

Judaism and Free Speech- Rabbi Dovid Eliezrie

James Madison said, “Free speech is one of the great bulwarks of liberty”. Americans have been debating its parameters; some say this endangers liberty,...



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November 06, 2023

Coming Home: From Buddhism to Judaism - Rabbi Avraham Feigelstock & Mr. Rob Fashler

Rob Fashler was raised in a home where Judaism was anything but trendy. On the contrary, it was ridiculed. The quest for spirituality and...