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Listen to highlights from a variety of first-rate speakers from past sessions of the National Jewish Retreat. The National Jewish retreat is the premier Jewish event of the year, bringing 1200 Jews of all backgrounds together for 5 days of learning, inspiration and good times. get a taste of it by listening to these excerpts ranging from Talmudic interpretation to fascinating first person human interest stories. Featuring speakers from all walks of Jewish life. Join us at this year's Retreat in Atlanta on August 10-15. Register at JRetreat.com

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Latest Episodes…

  1. County of Allegheny v. American Civil Liberties Union - A Chanukah Supreme Court Case

    Giant menorahs in front of government buildings and in public squares have become a staple of the Holiday season and Jewish cultural and religious life, but the pioneering public menorahs of the 80’s faced stiff legal battles. In 1986, Chabad-Lubavitch of Pittsburgh erected its annual menorah display in front of City-County ...


  2. Jews & Thanksgiving - Rabbi Pinchas Taylor

    Thanksgiving may be recognized as an American holiday, but is it considered a Jewish one? Learn about the history of Jews and Thanksgiving as well as the power of gratitude and how to bring it into our everyday lives. ...


  3. Torah's Secret to Joy and Great Self Worth - Rabbi David Aaron

    We hold these truths to be self-evident: You are infinitely greater then you think you are. How to get there? There’s a part of you that’s intrinsically bound up with the greatest of all things—G-d Himself. The more you can reach inward and unpack that explosive reality, the more you’ll ...


  4. What Sets Jewish Spirituality Apart - Rabbi Shmuel Reichman

    If you ask people what Abraham contributed to the world, many will say, “monotheism.”. However, monotheism already existed. Abraham introduced something even more revolutionary. Join us to learn more about the special gift that Abraham gave to the world. This lecture was delivered at the 14th annual National Jewish Retreat. For more ...


  5. Rebuilding the Temple from Within - Rabbi Dr. Yitzchok Breitowitz

    Our prayers lead us deep inside as a way of connecting with an infinitely spiritual cosmos. Might there be a place within us akin to the Holy Temple? If so, how may we find it? This lecture was delivered at the 14th annual National Jewish Retreat. For more information and to register ...